Visiting Alaska and Not Sure What to Do? I Can Help.

Hey, there! The name’s Robert, and I’m an Alaska native and long-time outdoorsperson. I’ve spent most of my professional life designing and guiding various wilderness tours in my great state. As a former soldier, lifelong student of nature, and passionate environmentalist, I think I’ve learned quite a bit about how to do things here in the Last Frontier. If you’re planning a trip up here, I think I can help you out.

Most people you meet from Alaska will immediately tell you about where the grew up. In most cases, it’s either Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, or Bethel. I, myself, grew up in Homer, a gorgeous little city in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. We’ve got a population of just around 7,000 folks, and they’re all lovely, lovely people. From after graduating from high school, I enlisted in the military to better hone my skills as a self-reliant individual. Once my service was up, I returned to my home state and settled into a life living off the land. I’ve been homesteading for about five years. Now, I grow or catch most of my food, generate most of my own electricity, and live as close to off the grid as possible.

Still, I’ve learned a lot about this wilderness, and I want to share that love and knowledge with any folks who find it in their hearts to visit. Trips to Alaska can feel tough to plan – there’s so much space, but so little infrastructure. But when you’ve been out here as long as I have, you start to figure out some things: where’s the best place to spot a moose, where to catch your salmon, and where to hike to avoid bears. (That last part is a bit of a joke – the bears are everywhere!)

I’ve been hosting wilderness and metropolitan excursions for the past several years, and it’s a fine way to make a living. But I’ve noticed that many of the folks in my guide groups don’t truly know what they’re getting into when they visit us. So, I’ve decided to start this website for folks in the beginnings of their Alaska trip planning. Here, I’m planning to write about some of the tours I’ve done, but also some of the things I love about this great state – and what you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit.